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School Bans Cartwheels, High Fives and More


Remember when you used to spend all of recess practicing gymnastics or playing tag? Now some school children in Australia will have to be prepared to pay the consequences if they engage in this risky behavior.

Some Australia schools have condemned common childhood games deemed too dangerous, says The Telegraph. The list of punishable offenses include; handstands, cartwheels, high fives, playing tag, running, and hugging. 

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Mt Martha Primary School in outer Melbourne says the game of tag was banned under the school's strict "no contact" policy, which also forbids high-fives and hugging. Drummoyne Public School in Sydney will not allow cartwheels, handstands or somersaults until children are supervised by a trained gymnastic teacher.

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These drastic measures are catching the attention of parents, who worry that school rule makers aren’t allowing kids to simply be kids. 

Do you think these rules are looking out for students’ safety or are they too extreme?  Leave a comment.