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WTFriday: Toddler Forced to Run In Snow Nearly Naked

Thousands of people have been reacting to a new video posted online of a four-year old Chinese boy, nicknamed Duoduo, being forced by his father, He Liesheng, to run outside in the snow while stripped down to only his undies and shoes. He has coined himself the “Eagle Dad” due to his “no pain, no gain” parenting philosophy, which he claims to have developed in order to make his prematurely born son stronger, reports “Like an eagle, I push my child to the limit so he can learn how to fly," says He.

In the video, the boy shouts out to be picked up and looks to his father for help, but his pleas are ignored as both his father and mother order him to lie down in the ice-cold snow. According to “Eagle Dad,” this exercise was a part of his child’s intense mental and physical training regimen, reportedly approved of by his doctor friends. Eagle Dad claims that committing to this plan is tough for him too. Funny—I only heard one person crying.

Eagle Dad differentiates himself from the already feared and scrutinized Amy Chua, a.k.a. Tiger Mom, because he, “respects his son’s will.” Huh. He plans to publish a book on his “eagle style” method of parenting soon. I can tell you I won’t be buying it or into his “parenting” philosophy. 


What’s your reaction to this video? Is it possible to view this as anything other than child abuse?