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Kid Halloween Costumes Seized for Lead Contamination

NBC News

With Halloween approaching, we expect tricks, but not a trick this dirty.

Federal inspectors have seized nearly 1,400 Chinese-made little girl pirate costumes that were on their way to a Seattle retailer.  Authorities found they contained 11 times the legal limit for lead.

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission tested the costumes for lead after they were singled out for inspection by customs due to a past violation, reports MSNBC.

The harmful substance was in the buttons and trim of the Halloween costume, which could have posed a major health threat if an unsuspecting child had put those pieces in their mouth.  High levels of lead in a kid's blood can cause vomiting, coma or convulsions, while low levels can cause difficulties with learning and paying attention.

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“We consider any kind of a children’s product that has violative levels of lead to be significant,” said Craig Mabie, a commission compliance investigator in Seattle.