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Can't Breast-Feed? Just Strap 'Em On, Moms - or Dads

By Amy Hatch of Parentdish

Remember that Swedish dude who tried to simulate lactation so he could breast-feed his future babies?

We have some good news for him.

Christa Anderson of Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada, created a device that lets moms who can't breast-feed or those who have weaned their babes, simulate the experience using a bottle. Called Nurse Me Tender, the product straps on to your chest and holds a bottle in a harness.

Anderson came up with Nurse Me Tender after she weaned her own son, then 10 months old, and was dissatisfied with the bottle-feeding experience.

"I was very pro-breast-feeding," Anderson tells ParentDish. "But then it came time for me personally to switch to the bottle, and I found that I missed that whole act of breast-feeding, and also the convenience of it."

Being able to multi-task while feeding her son also motivated this mompreneur. Anderson says she often ate a meal or answered the phone while breast-feeding, and found she was unable to do so while bottle feeding. Even more crucial was the baby's bedtime routine, during which Anderson read her son a story while breast-feeding.

"My husband also wanted to carry out that same routine when I had to step out," she adds. "He complained, and told me that he just couldn't read a book and hold the baby and a bottle at the same time."

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