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Kid President Meets Real President


“Kid President” Robby Novack has finally made it all the way to the Oval Office. President Barack Obama invited his mini-doppelganger for a visit to the White House after the Internet sensation's "Pep Talk from Kid President" YouTube video logged more than 15 million views. 

During his trip, Novak, 10, got a full tour of the Oval Office, sat behind the Resolute desk, and even picked up the presidential phone, to which Obama joked, “Let’s make sure not to cause an international incident.”

Novak was also on-hand for last weekend's official Easter Egg Roll, and helped the White House pull off a pretty clever April Fool's Prank

A video of the visit, which was posted on Soul Pancake’s YouTube channel earlier this morning, shows the pair discussing how kids and grown ups can change the world for the better.

"You keep on doing the great work that you're doing, I'll keep doing my best," said Obama. "And between the two of us, maybe we can kind of get things going in a good direction."