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Man Arrested For Spoiling Christmas for Kids


Canadian police arrested a real-life Grinch last weekend when they collared a 24-year-old man for spilling the beans on Santa to kids.

The suspect walked along the floats of a Christmas parade in Kinston, Ontario while drunkenly yelling at the crowds that Santa isn’t real. Police received complaints, and easily identified the suspect by his gelled hair “formed to look like horns that were protruding from his head”.

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The unnamed Scrooge faces charges of public intoxication, causing a disturbance, and violating his probation. But what’s really criminal here is how he spoiled the magic of Christmas for children at the event.

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While there’s no doubt the man in custody is on the naughty list for life, his actions raise some interesting questions about how to handle the “Is Santa Real?” question. At what age do kids deserve to know the truth? Or should parents stay hush-hush for as long as possible?

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