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Mother’s Day Cards for Modern Moms

There are tons of cards out there celebrating moms for Mother’s Day. But what about cards for other mother figures in your life? Three quarters of U.S. households are considered non-traditional, but it’s still tough to find cards for stepmoms, families with two moms, multigenerational households, and so on.

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That’s where the Strong Families Initiative decided to step in. This year, the organization devoted to recognizing and supporting families of all shapes and sizes commissioned artists to create a line of e-cards specifically catering to modern mamas. Lisa Russ, a representative from Strong Families, describes the project: “Rather than create more idealized shoulds, we wanted to put out words and images that capture mamahood as we know it, in all of its complexity.”

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In the collection, there are cards celebrating gay moms, disabled moms, multigenerational households, and professional caregivers. Other cards can help acknowledge mothers separated from their children by immigration, incarceration, or even death.

Check out the new e-card line here. The cards can be sent via email, Twitter and Facebook, or printed out and delivered the old fashion way.  

Who are you celebrating this mother’s day? How do you celebrate the non-biological “mamas” in your life?