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School Bans Running at Recess

Can you imagine playing tag without running? What about kickball or Red Rover? Due to a new district-wide ban, some children might have to re-invent these old-school games sans sprint.

According to a post on the parenting website Free Range Kids, one unnamed school board recently instituted a “no running policy” during recess. To make matters worse, the school’s break period is only 10 minutes long to begin with.

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One concerned mother wrote in:

“My son’s school district has just instituted a no running policy during recess.  I am, of course, appalled by this, feeling that the kids need to be able to blow off a little steam during those 10 minutes of their day.  Plus, kids need more exercise, not less.  What’s next, no running for soccer/baseball/lacrosse practice?”

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In the past we’ve reported on school’s banning, hugs, cart wheels, high-fives, and now running. Do you think districts are being too cautious? Or are you okay with these restrictions? Leave a comment and let us know!