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Mom Who Battled Cancer Delivers Quadruplets

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Imagine being 24 years old, battling cancer, and breastfeeding quadruplets.

Kind of put things in perspective, eh?

Ashley Adams of Aurora, CO, has had quite the year. "When the doctors told us we were having quads, we were extremely terrified and ridiculously excited all at the same time," her husband, Andy, said. "It was just unimaginable."

As if that wasn’t enough to wrap your head around, Ashley was diagnosed with thyroid cancer four months into her high-risk pregnancy during a routine sonogram. The cancer had already spread to her lymph nodes. Her doctor speculates she’d had the cancer for a few years, but it went undiscovered as doctors don’t think of cancer with patients that young.

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Ashley decided that “dying was not an option."

She waited to deliver her son, Wyatt, and three daughters (Samantha, Braelynn, and Rylie) at 30 weeks, before having the seven-hour cancer surgery.

Now, while running back and forth to the University of Colorado Hospital when their brood is gathering their strength, the Adamses are determining her future treatment plan with her doctors. Chemo and iodine radiation are both in the picture. She’s postponing the treatment as long as she can, though, so she can keep breastfeeding.

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Wyatt is being sprung from the hospital this week; the girls are expected to follow by Thanksgiving. The couple’s biggest worry is, interestingly, something those mere mortals who’ve brought only one baby home at a time can relate to: what if something happens, without the nurses?

But they’re optimistic--Ashley, so much so that she hasn’t ruled out more kids. We’re pulling for you, Ashley!