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Noteworthy Car Seat News

Photo Courtesy of First Years

When it comes to buying a car seat, it all boils down to one factor: safety, of course. And choosing a car seat can be one of the more confusing kid-related purchases you make, second only to, maybe, a stroller. For both those reasons, moms tend to fall back on the big names.

I was surprised to find out that The First Years brand was recently recognized by the government’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) with the highest overall Ease of Use rating of 5-stars for its infant, booster and convertible car seats. The First Years is a brand that’s been around for years, and they make great baby products....but they’re certainly not best known for car seats. I don’t think many moms would go straight to The First Years for that purchase.

But here they are, winning this big honor for car seat safety. And in fact, they are the only brand to achieve 5-stars for overall Ease of Use in these car seat categories EVER.

Just worth knowing! Especially since their line of car seats is one of the more affordably-priced ones.