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Girls Encouraged to Wear Nude Bikinis on "Dance Moms"

We thought we'd seen it all with a toddler in a Pretty Woman-themed prostitute getup in Toddlers and Tiaras. But Lifetime’s reality series Dance Moms has shocked us again, with the instructor asking the child contestants to dress in nude bikinis while performing a Vegas showgirl routine on stage.

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The dance teacher on the show instructs the girls, between ages 8 and 12, to dance in this specific manner: “I'm hot, I'm mean, you can't have me, you can't afford me.” (!!!) She also told the dancers, “The audience should think that you are nude," and encouraged them to be sexy by wearing flesh-colored bikinis that give the appearance of nudity.

The girls' moms were very displeased and questioned whether the instructor had finally gone too far. One mom, Christi, stated in amazement, “No one ever wants to hear the word 'nude' associated with their ten-year-old. Ever." An eight-year-old Mackenzie tells the camera in discomfort: “I don't want to be naked onstage.”

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Despite the mothers’ concerns, the instructor disagreed and went on with the dance routine. “Everyone in the industry knows that the girls are completely covered. It's completely harmless."

Does your child dance as a hobby? How would you feel if an instructor encouraged your child to partake in this kind of performance?