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WTFriday: Kiddie Birthday Parties at Hooters?

Birthday parties for kids usually have a pretty simple recipe: cake + games + presents = happy kids. But what happens when the party themes start to become inappropriate? Our Mom Without a Filter blogger wrote about an over-the-top princess-themed party for a five-year-old. This week, blogger Lindsay Cross and her daughter were invited to a child’s 5th birthday dinner. Did we mention that the party took place at Hooters

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Cross, who asked the friend hosting the party about the choice of venue, wrote in her blog post that her friend replied, "Oh yea. They do birthday parties and [my kid] loves it there! They treat him like a little king!" Cross declined the invitation to the party, writing that, "I feel strongly about helping my daughter respect her body and develop positive body image. The entire 'Hooters' concept seems like the anti-thesis of my goals. […] I have a problem with [kids] seeing attractive young women as pieces of meat, who need to smile and show off their bodies to earn a living."

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But Cross also began to notice that the Hooters party wasn't a one-off thing. She said she saw other parents—especially dads—post on Facebook about having parties there for their sons. Cross asked another mom about this trend, who replied, "They’re so young, they won’t even remember it."

Do you think birthday parties at Hooters are inappropriate for kids? Would you let your kid go to a birthday party held there?