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Christmas Morning Stress Busters!

We’ve all been there...the gift opening frenzy is over, and you sit there, around 10 am on December 25, half covered in wrapping paper shreds. The task before you? Opening all the toys that your kids want to play with righthisverysecondnotinalittlewhile. They hover around you, bouncing and shrieking and dancing with the dog, waiting for their booty to be freed from their impenetrable prisons.

You arm yourself with scissors, a screwdriver, a box cutter, even a hammer (can’t hurt), yet still you break your nails and cut off Barbie’s hair in the process. What evil entity thought up all these little metal ties, plastic bands, and “clamshells”??

Aaaarghhh! So much for peace on earth.

Well, this year can be different. has introduced some sanity into holiday kid gifting. Toys that are ready to play with right out of the box! What a concept! Yep, check out Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging, which includes dozens of toys by Fisher-Price, Mattel, LeapFrog, Melissa & Doug, Sprig, Radio Flyer, V Tech, Wild Planet and many more. The goodies are packaged in -- get this -- plain boxes. Just open the box and play with the toy. It’s a beautiful thing.