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Brits Persuade Overweight Mothers to Lose Weight


I don’t know about you, but life across the pond has always seemed pretty idyllic. It’s the birthplace to the Beatles, home to Robert Pattinson (aka Edward Cullen of Twilight) and a place where consumption of both tea and biscuits is a daily occurrence. But a recent news story by the Telegraph says that a prominent British health institute is putting an undue amount of pressure on its moms to lose weight – or face severe circumstances.

“Overweight mothers who become pregnant again before returning to their original weight put themselves and their babies at risk of a raft of serious complications,” says the report. It goes on to discuss the possible complications of obesity, such as gestational diabetes, and encourages pregnant women to abandon the old “eat for two” philosophy.

To be sure, the pregnancy diet is not what it once was – but is it the place of the government to tell you to watch your weight, or is this one step too far? What do you think readers?