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Can EVERY mom lose the baby weight? Gwyneth Paltrow thinks so.

© Photo by Andrew Halpern, CC licensed

30 weeks into pregnancy number two, and I’m looking more balloonish by the minute. Yes, I know I’m not fat. Yes, I know I’m carrying a 3 pound-plus person inside me. Yes, I know I won’t always look this way. But still, sometimes it’s hard to stomach my ever-changing reflection.

Let’s face it: we may love the little life growing inside us when we’re pregnant, but we don’t always love the way that little life makes us look. And if you’re anything like me, regaining the pre-baby body was not an easy feat. There’s the exhaustion, the bottomless pit style of eating (aka breastfeeding) – and the harsh reality that our bodies are just not quite the same.

So I just LOVE when celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow talk about losing baby weight and say things like, "Every woman can make time [to work out] -- every woman."

Guess I’m not like every woman. What about you readers – how easy was it for you to make time to exercise after baby was born?