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New 'Cinnamon Challenge' Poses Danger to Kids and Teens


A new relationship is forming between kids and cinnamon, but not the culinary relationship many parents would hope for. A tablespoon of ground cinnamon, no water, a video camera, and a few laughs make for one viral fad that could send your child to the hospital, reports TODAY Moms.

A popular dare, the “cinnamon challenge” involves an attempt to swallow a spoonful of the spice without vomiting or inhaling the powder. It’s not new, but thanks to YouTube it has gone viral, with over 30,000 videos tagged “cinnamon challenge”—some of which have millions of views. Many kids attempt to swallow the dusty spice and keep it down to complete the challenge, but most ultimately double over in a cloud of brown dust, the product of an instantaneous hacking cough.

“People who cough that hard can have problems that can range from collapsing a lung to having lungs that get really inflamed, or pulmonary edema,” Dr. Russell Migita, Clinical Director of Emergency Services at Seattle Children’s Hospital, tells TODAY Moms. Dr. Migita has not yet treated anyone with problems stemming from cinnamon ingestion, but he actively warns against the dangerous possibilities.

The Wall Street Journal reports that schools across the country are warning parents and staff about the potential adverse effects of the challenge, as many parents are unaware that their children may be attempting such a stunt.

Has your child ever attempted the cinnamon challenge?