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Congrats to the March Contest Winners!

Here are the lucky winners of the March 2010 contests from Parenting and Babytalk. Enter one of our current contests and giveaways for your chance to be a winner!

The Celeb Baby Basket Giveaway:
Tara Strickland, UT
Theresa Dell, NY

The Kitchen Gadgets Giveaway:
Steven Fitzpatrick, MN
Diane Gorecki, NY

The Bag-a-Prize Giveaway:
Joanna Pelino, CA
Anne-Marie Farmer, TN
Chelsea Rowley, UT
Sarah DeYoung, MI
Dalya Hutt, NY

The 101 Dalmatians Tickets Giveaway:
Alissa Berkowitz, FL
Eugene Coles, NJ
Kristin Torres, NJ
John Sweeney, FL
Kim Underwodd, TN
Vera Montgomery, WI
Dena Duncan, DE
Nona Joy Russell, TX
Amy Dolan, MA
Keri Hays, TX

The Via Toy Box Giveaway:
Crystal Cook , CA
Jenny Griffin, OH
Shirley Brown, TN