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Congress, Take a Cue from Moms and Multi-task

MomsRising, one of our Mom Congress partners, is calling on moms to tell Congress to multi-task to get health care reform AND a jobs bill done!  In a guest post from Mom Congress advisory board member Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, she explains how to make your voice heard…

Is there a mom out there who doesn't multi-task? I, for one, can often be found in the kitchen washing the dishes, answering questions about math homework, and participating in a conference call. So, it really gets my goat when members of Congress say things like, "We need to focus on jobs and the economy and put healthcare reform on the back burner." Come on, can't they do two things at once?

If Congress doesn't hear from constituents now, they may put comprehensive healthcare reform on the back burner forever. Tell Congress the moms and dads of America are multi-tasking and we expect you to do the same. Get healthcare reform and a jobs bill done at the same time!

First of all, people who are losing jobs are also losing their healthcare and some economists predict that healthcare reform would slow the growth of healthcare costs that many businesses are struggling with right now, allowing employers to create 250,000 to 400,000 new jobs a year.

And secondly, is it so hard? The healthcare reform bill is almost done, having already passed the House and Senate once. We just need the leadership to push it over the finish line.??

We can't afford to wait any longer for healthcare reform and we are so close! We're on the cusp of finally having the peace of mind of knowing that we will always have access to quality, affordable coverage and protection from unfair insurance company practices like denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions--or even dropping people when they get sick. (That's no kind of insurance at all!)??

Tell Congress to move forward to finish the job of getting healthcare reform done and take quick action to create needed jobs in the economy. Both are essential for the economic security of our families and the recovery of our economy.

And if they won't do both at the same time? Let's threaten to give them the alternative challenge of baking brownies for the school bake sale, finishing the presentation for work, while searching for the missing basketball uniform shirt. Then we'll really see some quick action.

Please forward this message on to friends and family. We need everyone's voices to push healthcare reform over the finish line!

Yours in multi-tasking,

--Donna, Ashley, Julia, Anita, Kristin and the Team?