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Consumer Reports Lists Pregnancy Procedures to Avoid


You’ll visit the doctor more during your pregnancy than you probably have ever before, and the multitude of procedures your OB will offer can be a little overwhelming.

Broadening their reports on consumer value and getting the most bang for your recession-heavy buck, Consumer Reports recently weighed in on the 10 procedures they think you should think twice about agreeing to. 

Topping the list: unnecessary C-sections. At a time when about one-third of all deliveries are by C-section, it’s no surprise—that’s almost triple what the World Health Organization considers an optimal statistic. 

Here’s the rest of the list, but you might consider reading the full article for all the medical reasoning behind their choices:

2. An automatic second C-section (VBAC)
3. An elective early delivery
4. Induction of labor without medical reason
5. Ultrasounds after 24 weeks
6. Continuous electronic fetal monitoring
7. Early epidurals
8. Routinely rupturing the amniotic membranes
9. Routine episiotomies
10: Sending your newborn to the nursery

Did you reject a procedure during your pregnancy? Is there a procedure your doctor has offered that you’re thinking twice about?