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Cookus Interruptus

Back away from the cheese doodles, mama! Help has arrived for all of you junk food-addicted kitchenphobes.

Parenting Post blogger Daring Young Mom turned me on to Cookus Interruptus, the awesomely wholesome cooking video site by Cynthia Lair. She's a real life Rachael Ray, only with more whole foods and less permagrin. Her recipes are heavy on the whole grains and veggies, but not in a foam-peanuts-for-dinner way.

The vids co-star her enthusiastic and hilarious family, who sometimes get in the way more than they help in the kitchen (sound familiar?). Best of all, her cooking show is recorded in real time, so you know what you're really getting into with her super simple recipes. Check out her demo for chicken teriyaki. Om nom nom. Is it dinner time yet?