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Coolest Stuff This Week

Ferberizing Is Not What You Think It Is: The technique has been synonymous with Cry It Out, but Dr. Ferber says his method has been misunderstood. Find out what it is – and isn’t -- when he sets the record straight.

6-Word Mommy Memoir: Join in on this meme – describe motherhood on 6 words. Our fave so far: “Damen Zachary, what's in your mouth?" More on the boards!

When To Buy Organic: You’d love to buy only the highest quality fruits and veggies, but in this economy? Let’s get real: here’s when you should splurge on organic, and when it’s ok to skip it, from pregnancy to 18 months.

Easter Crafts: You’re going to need to keep them busy when they’re coming down from the sugar. Here are some cute and easy spring crafts to try:
Egg Peeps
Coffee Filter Butterfly
Chick Surprise