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Coolest Stuff This Week

New Baby Tips from Been-There-Done-That Moms: Members of our community share their best tips for getting through those first few wonderful, weird and tough weeks with your new babe. This is a good one: be sure to wash under baby’s chin thoroughly – you wouldn’t believe what gets caught in those neck folds!

Win a $500 Kmart Gift Certificate: Yay for free stuff! Show us a photo of the fabulous birthday cake you whipped (cupcakes are ok too), and you could win a shopping spree.

Send These Gift Picks to Your Husband: These are the Mother’s Day gifts you want -- you might even wonder if we somehow read your mind. In case your guys isn’t a mind-reader too, feel free to drop a major hint with our “share” button.

Earth Day With Kids: It’s coming up next week on April 22. Here are some simple ways to get your kids thinking about the environment:

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5 Tips for Fostering a Love of Nature
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