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The Coolest Toys of 2010

Walking around Toy Fair, I bumped into these way-bigger-than-life-sized LEGO models of Buzz and Woody. (Don't worry -- the kits aren't for sale, so you won't have to help your kid make them.)

Every year, I get to do something I would have probably committed murder to do when I was a kid -- I get to attend the New York International Toy Fair -- a showcase of the newest, coolest toys, from thousands of toy companies all over the world. I always get really inspired seeing all the booths full of new products from Hasbro, LEGO, Wild Planet, and more. (Sometimes I even get to speak with the designers!)

Every time I visit the LEGO booth, I think there is no way, after all these years, they could come out with anything new, but they always blow me away. This year check out their new board game line -- they're so fun looking you'll want to play them with the whole family (and maybe with your own friends.) Alex had more than 100 new products, including tons of great baby toys. (I loved this I Can Cook pasta pot.) I am also super into Dino Train now, and The Learning Curve has some seriously cool toys that all dino-lovers will be aching for. I'm also obsessed with Wild Planet's Squatz. They look silly and fun to collect. (And they're only $4.99 each.) Finally, my personal favorite was the stuff from Sprig -- they're eco-conscious toys with a really cute, unique style, all made by an awesome team of designer dads. What's not to love?

Check out these awesome toys, and more of my favorites from the 2010 Toy Fair (Toys for $15 and less, Toys $15-$30, and Toys $30 and Up.) Remember that some of them won't be out until later this year -- but all of them will be available for the holiday season, so you will probably see some of them on your kids' wish lists!