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Nursery of the Week: Modern Nautical

Courtesy of Danielle Swanson

Congratulations Danielle Swanson, the sixth of six weekly winners for the Babytalk Show Us Your Nursery photo contest!

Danielle’s design inspiration:
We were aiming for a clean, crisp and timeless look where the baby can grow along with the décor of the room. Two things inspired the design. The first is our baby’s name. We wanted to incorporate it as much as possible, which is why we did the wall mural and the monogram wooden letters on the shelves. I was inspired by another nursery I saw online where they did an alphabet wall. Our wall is unique because it is based on all the letters in our baby’s name scrambled around. The little seashell boat was also very meaningful in the design. We worked that into the décor because it has a lot of meaning to us as a memento of our trip to Vietnam in 2004. We added the touch of nautical theme to the nursery to work in the seashell boat. From there, we worked around the crib bedding and matched the other room accessories to go with the other colors.

What the designers from Little Crown Interiors had to say:
One of the things we immediately liked about this room was the use of very subtle nautical accents.  Little sailboats that don't overpower the bedding, wall art that mirrors the look of coral, and the beautiful striped curtains are all perfect ways to include nautical elements without turning the room into the inside of a sailboat!  Adding modern lighting and the unexpected charcoal corner chair, this room is a well-balanced mix and we love it!

Nursery Design Tip:
Whenever we're working with expectant families on their perfect nursery design, we always remind them to think about function, as well as great design.  We look to the innovative products from Munchkin, like the Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail, for the latest and greatest items available!

Congratulations to Danielle and thanks to Munchkin for her prize, an Arm & Hammer Nursery Essentials prize pack, including an Arm & Hammer Diaper Pail, Arm & Hammer Nursery Wipes, the Arm & Hammer Nursery Fresheners, in a SaraBear Basket by Munchkin.