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Creative Holiday Gifts?

I look forward to seeing my friend Patty on the day after Christmas every year. I hear my doorbell ring, and open the door to a beaming, wide-eyed Patty, decked out in a mismatched outfit. Patty’s philosophy is to wear everything she receives for Christmas at once, the day after, to show her equal appreciation for it all. So what if she got three scarves? Who cares if she seems about to topple over from all the jewelry?

If you don't wear all of your presents at once, how do you show appreciation for them? This year, my friend Heather mailed me one of my most creative gifts. She baked a loaf of lemon poppyseed bread and nestled it inside a box of air-popped popcorn. I was touched to receive such a thoughtful gift, one that required so much effort.

Did you give or receive any creative, thoughtful, or surprising gifts this holiday season? Let’s get a great list going— then next year, when we are wracking our brains for genius ideas, we will know exactly what to do.