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Cute Animals: You Can't Say No

My nesting impulse has been out of control lately. Now that it’s getting cold in the city, every baby has a hat or a hood on, and it’s so adorable I’ve started making googly eyes at every stroller I walk past (much to the annoyance of the parents, I’m guessing).

I think seeing so many baby pictures at work has something to do with my new-found obsession with cuteness. But since baby cheeks are in my distant future, I’ve been sating my cuddle cravings by looking at pictures of cute animals online.

  • The masterminds at Cute Overload post new, squeal-inducing pictures and the occasional video everyday. There are categories for different animals but my favorite section is “Rules of Cuteness.” I.e., “Rule of Cuteness #26: If you have 4 legs and can tuck yourself in, you're cute.”

  • The Shiba Inu Puppy Camhas been getting a lot of buzz, so you might have already taken a peek. But for those of you who haven’t, Puppy Cam is an almost 24/7 video stream of six Shiba Inu puppies who usually spend the day alternating between napping and flopping around on top of each other.

  • Vote for your favorite cuteness combatant on Puppywar and Kittenwar and you begin a never-ending loop of photos that begs for your judgment.

  • And don't miss Why Babies Love Animals.

Photo courtesy Flickr user *christopher*, CC licensed