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Dad Dresses in Costume Each Day to Embarrass Son

My 6-year-old daughter has just recently started complaining how embarrassing I am, which naturally makes me take whatever I’m doing up a notch. But I’ve got nothing on Utah dad Dale Price, who waves to his high school son’s bus each morning wearing a different outrageous costume. It started off fairly tamely, with just a football helmet and jersey, but has progressed to an uber cringe-worthy reading-on-the-toilet get-up. Dad’s favorite costume was his pirate look, which incorporated his prosthetic leg. Sophomore son Rain has weathered the stunt good-naturedly, but finds the days when his dad cross-dresses (as a mermaid, a bride or Batgirl, for example) to be the most humiliating.
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Even more impressive than the time and creativity commitment to keep this going for 170 school days is the frugality; by re-using old Halloween costumes and borrowing from neighbors, Price has been able to keep the budget under $50.

Want to see the costumes for yourself? Check them out at Price’s blog, Wave at the Bus.

What stunts have you pulled you embarrass your own kids?