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Dad Films Baby’s Birth in Car—While Driving

We’ve heard the stories of those early-bird babies who just couldn’t wait—making their appearance in the car or on the side of the road on the way to the hospital—but it’s rare that the unexpected moment is caught on film. Luckily, thanks to his cell phone camera, newly reigned father, Zachary Russell, managed to capture the birth—and avoid any accidents!—while he was driving to the birthing center.

The Texas couple was on their way to the hospital when 15 minutes into the 45-minute drive, when Russell’s wife Jennifer’s water broke and it became apparent that the baby was well on its way.  

“By the time my water broke, I pushed once, and she was out,” Jennifer said in an interview with ABC News.

Both Zachary and Jennifer appeared relatively calm: one behind the wheel and aiming his cell phone camera at his wife, and the other removing the umbilical cord from around her newborn’s neck. It’s no wonder why the video has become the latest YouTube sensation.

According to ABC, the newborn, Willow, arrived healthy. The couple looks forward to sharing this story with a grown Willow and to keeping the car until she is old enough to drive.

Have you ever given birth someplace you didn’t intend to? Do you think this dad should have pulled over to film or focused solely on driving?