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The Daily Bean - The Government Smackdown on Mommy Bloggers

Mommy blogger, did you know the government is basically calling you Winona Ryder in Saks Fifth Avenue? As most of the blogosphere knows by now, on Oct 5th the Federal Trade Commission announced it was amending its laws about advertising endorsements and testimonials to include mommy bloggers. Ever notice how some commercials show a guy talking about how much he loves soap but in fine print it says "not a soap user"? Or a Internet dating site shows an amorous couple and the 12-point font blurb "not actual love. she just really wants to travel this summer...alone...without him"? Well now the government wants bloggers to admit upfront whether they were paid or compensated for endorsing a product in their blog. 

Can you believe this? What in the name of delicious new Jalapeno Popper-flavored Doritos is going on here? Does the government think that just because we love the smooth refreshing taste of A&W root beer that someone will just send it to 460 N. Orlando Avenue in Winter Park, Florida? That's absolutely positively Zestfully clean ridiculous. So be aware, blog readers: look for notices at the bottom of each entry that say "This is a paid endorsement" or "I enjoyed this product mostly because it arrived for free in my mailbox."

While the media made mommy bloggers appear to be the sole target of the FTC, that's incorrect. The new amendments also target celebrities. That's right: the goverment is cracking down on celebs, who, according to the FTC, "have a duty to disclose their relationships with advertisers when making endorsements outside the context of traditional ads, such as on talk shows or in social media." Drew Barrymore, when you went on Jay Leno and talked about how you make the best grilled cheeses with Kraft Singles, you were paid? So what are you saying? Did you bring those Reese's Pieces to the set of E.T. too?

So stay sharp, brave consumer. While there are times when the government will intervene, you will typically face these challenges alone. Like the time I kept pushing those big nacho chips into the dip and they kept breaking. Then I tried Tostito's Scoops, the bite-size chip that goes great with any dip or salsa.**

**I am currently eating free salsa^^

^^With free chips