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Dear Dads: We Love You Too

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We always have tons of stuff moms love, like gifts just for moms, Hot Dad galleries, and even the much-discussed Mad at Dad article, but what about the daddies out there? We know you're out there being awesome parents and great husbands. And – good news for us – you’re blogging about it. Here’s a round-up of our favorite dad blogs – as hilarious and sweet as mom blogs, but with a hint of testosterone. Check them out! "Providing the internet with poor parenting choices since 2006" "A look at parenting through testosterone-tinted beer goggles" "Poppycock from a cocky pop" "A father puts the stay-at-home dad trend under the microscope" "Living proof that it takes balls to go nuts" "Chronicles of life after the plus sign" "Because having one just wasn't enough" "Nobody said being a dad would be easy, but it sure is fun!" "Proud parents to baby Jagger"