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Just for the (Guinness World) Record

Deborah Skolnik

My iPod-toting daughters, 7 and 11, barely know what a record is—at least, the kind I used to listen to when I was their age. But it turns out they’re as interested in world records as I used to be! Catering to kids’ eternal fascination with the biggest, fastest, most expensive, and weirdest is the latest edition of an old fave: Guinness World Records 2012, which hit bookshelves this fall. My girls and I attended a launch party for the book recently—here’s a photo of my older girl, Clara, with Aevin Dugas, who has the world’s largest Afro (4’ 4” around!).  

We learned there are lots of world records you can try to break right at home. Need some rainy-day fun? Go for the gold in these kid-friendly categories:

  • Fastest time to dress a Barbie doll (28.87 seconds)
  • Least time to assemble Mr. Potato Head (6.62 seconds—don’t forget the moustache!)
  • Most socks sorted and hung in one minute by a 2-person team (19 pairs, and hey, what a sneaky way to get kids to help with chores!)

For more awesome ideas, visit—or read all about them in the book!