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Merry Kidzmas

Kidz Bop

Nothing could possibly be better than listening to angel-voiced children sing Christmas carols...except, huh? Winning the lottery, you say? Yeah, okay, true. But aside from that, nothing could possibly be bet---zero-calorie chocolate, you’d like to add? Kids bioengineered to toss their underwear in the hamper instead of next to it? Man, you’re full of answers, aren’t you.

Tell ya what. Let’s just say it’s cute to listen to children with great voices sing Christmas carols. That’s the idea behind Kidz Bop Christmas Party, a holiday CD from the way-popular, decade-old kids’ music brand. In case you’re not familiar with how this series rolls, each Kidz Bop CD features track after track of upbeat tunes, all sung mini-Mariahs and junior Justin Timberlakes discovered through talent searches. Pop this holiday-themed Bop into your car CD player, and even the worst backseat-bickerers will stop sparring over the dregs of a Dorito bag and settle down to listen to their pitch-perfect peers belt out “Winter Wonderland,” “Deck the Halls,” and my personal fave, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.” No, Kidz Bop Can’t promise you a silent night—but you might just get a civilized drive over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house. Talk about your holiday miracles. $11.98, at major CD retailers nationwide.