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A Most Moving Toy Story

You know the saying "Whoever dies with the most toys wins"? For us a real winner is the one who leaves the most toys for others. 

That's exactly what 12-year-old Kiarah "Kiki" Bowley of Williamstown, New Jersey, did.

Bowley, who died of a rare childhood leukemia last month, had told people she had just one final wish. It wasn't a trip to Disney, One Direction tickets, or anything else for herself; instead, heartbreakingly, she wanted to make sure other kids still struggling with cancer got some special goodies from Santa this year. 

An area philanthropist, Martino Cartier, took up the cause, collecting thousands of donations from the community. 

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Yesterday, Bowley got her wish: an 18-wheeler pulled up to a local hospital and delivered about 10,000 toys. Delighted little patients got to pick from prize swag like iPods, digital cameras, and CDs. 

Her family said Kiki would have loved to see it. 

Although she couldn't give her family the joy of spending one last Christmas with her, Bowley still pulled off a holiday miracle.

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