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New Ideas for Easter Baskets

Spurred on by the sight of Peeps at the supermarket, I’ve begun thinking about this year’s Easter egg hunt—specifically, how to avoid a repeat of last year’s disaster. We’d put candy-filled plastic eggs around the back yard, but by the time my kids started their search, squirrels had cracked open more than half the eggs and made off with the goodies!
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This year, I may try these new JoJo Electronic Easter Egg Hunt toys instead.  Each battery-powered egg has a cute critter inside (a bunny, dog, cow, or pig), and calls out from its hiding place, saying things like “I’m hiding!” My kids will get a kick out of them, and I bet they’ll scare the squirrels. But at $3.99 a piece, I’m only buying a couple, and trying some candy again.

Wonka recently rolled out a new line of Easter sweets, and sent me some of these Double Yummy Gummies to try. Heaven help me, I couldn’t stop sampling them. The back tastes like marshmallow and the top layer is pleasantly tart.
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What’ll be in your kids’ baskets this year—and what can’t you help stealing when their backs are turned?