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One for the Record Books

Guiness Book of World Records

Quick – how tall is the world’s largest dog?*  What’s the biggest flame a fire-breather ever shot out of his mouth?** 

Since children don’t have to worry about stuff like “How will I pay the mortgage?”, these are the questions that keep them up at night—and that the 2013 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records has the answers, and amusingly so. 

I still remember poring over my first copy, the nineteen-seventy-coughcough edition, which I found in my Christmas stocking (gift idea!).  Specifically, I remember being happy my mom wasn’t the woman who’d given birth to octuplets – fighting with 2 siblings over who had to ride in the middle seat was bad enough! I’ve still never gotten over the urge to leaf through each year’s new version and see the world’s skinniest person ... because after 2 kids, all I know is, it isn’t me.

Plus: Meet The Kid With the World Record in Jumping Jacks!

When this year’s Guinness Book came out, I had one more reason to grab it hot off the presses: My daughter Clara is on page 11! No, not for “World’s Cutest Kid,” – that’s yours, of course. But last year, we’d gone to a Guinness-sponsored party, and she’d posed on the red carpet with Aevin, a beautiful woman with the world’s largest Afro. I guess the publishers liked the shot! See for yourself.

So now I’ve gotta try to get in there too. I’m thinking I could do well in a mom-oriented category. Do they give awards for “longest stretch between pedicures” or “largest pile of dishes in the sink”?  Just no octuplets ... please!

Do you have a Guinness Book of World Records story? Let us know!  

* Zeus, a great Dane, measures 7 feet from nose to tail!

 ** 26 feet, 5 inches!