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Movie Review: To the Arctic

As the weather heats up, few things are better than slipping into a dark, cool movie theater with your kids (especially because if you tell them to shush, they might actually listen). It’s even better if there’s something cooling on the screen too—like in the new IMAX 3D movie To the Arctic, which opens April 20. 

I attended a recent screening, and spent 45 minutes staring at glaciers, seal, walruses, and more. It took the filmmakers almost half a decade working at the top of the world to capture its glory: everything from dazzling underwater shots to dizzying overheads of migrating caribou. Paul McCartney provides the music while Meryl Streep narrates, explaining how global warming is endangering this exotic locale.

You’ll follow a mother polar bear as she struggles to raise two fuzzy cubs, even as seals—their favorite food—grow scarce. Will they make it? Your kids will leave with a renewed desire to protect our environment…maybe the coolest part of the entire experience.  

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