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Santa Claus is Coming to Town...Already?


Hello? Can we all just calm the elf down?

I visited my local mall on Sunday and couldn’t believe my eyes. There I was, in shorts (thanks, November 6th heat wave!), walking under gigantic wreaths trimmed with ornaments bigger than Cindy Lou Who’s head! Instead of Muzak, they were piping in tunes about avoiding Santa’s dreaded naughty list.

What I’m really dreading is nine straight weeks of Christmas. The second the jack-o-lanterns get tossed on the compost pile, out come stores’ lavish holiday displays—and the non-stop ads. It’s not just about black Friday anymore: All of November and December has turned into a gray area, with so much phony cheer foisted upon us, the red and green feels drab instead.

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I, for one, am not buying. I refuse to start my shopping in earnest before Thanksgiving — a gracious holiday that deserves a little elbow room of its own. Who’s with me? The folks at Respect the Bird are. It’s worth a sec to check out this cool campaign, which aims to take back Turkey Day so we can all eat and enjoy in peace. How about you too? Come on. Put your purse down, pull up a chair, and pass the stuffing!

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