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What Do Kids Think About Election 2012?

What do the little people stand on Obama vs. Romney? No, we aren’t talking about the 99%. We’re talking about real little people: Kids! Highlights magazine—still haven’t forgiven them for rejecting my poetry in 1974 but whatevs—polled more than 1,200 children to get their thoughts on our country and the upcoming election. Yesterday, they published the results in a “State of the Kid” survey. The powers that be ought to listen to what these demi-Democrats and runty Republicans had to say, since I’m pretty sure kids pick up some of their political perspectives from Mom and Dad. 

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Among the key findings: What kids want most in a prez is honesty (42.5%), beating out an impressive resume by a mile (8.2%). More than 70% of kids believe that our leaders have the ability to tackle the country’s problems. The children also talked about what they’d do if they were the country’s C.E.O., with more than 15% saying they’d make it job #1 to do something about the economy, money, or taxes. Overall, boys were by far more likely to tackle the economy, while girls said they would help people in need.

A significant number of them, though, said they’d first enjoy the in-house bowling alley—hey, kids, you’ve got my vote on that one!

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