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Denise Austin's Mom Body: How She Does It



Denise Austin has been queen of health and fitness for more than 25 years, hosting Denise Austin's Daily Workouton Lifetime TV and creating 84 workout videos. Now she's busy traveling on the Smucker's Simple Steps to a Better You Tour, but she shared with us her favorite busy-mom exercises (that work for her!), tips for healthy eating that everyone can follow, and how she was able to (healthily) go from maternity wear to spandex leotard in practically no time.


What's your best tip for moms who don't have tons of time to exercise?
Denise Austin:Your muscles don't know that you're in a fancy gym or in the supermarket -- you can exercise everywhere. You can work in small bursts of exercises for different muscles throughout the day and you will get a full body's workout.

Well let's go through the course of the day with Denise. I do exercises all day for a minute each, and they add up. In the morning, I do butt exercises while I'm brushing my teeth. You have to brush your teeth for two minutes, anyway. While I'm making breakfast, I do leg exercises-- I lift my leg out to the side, and then cross it over to the other side for inner thigh toners. I'll do a minute for each leg. At my desk at work, when I'm on the phone, I stand up and just do ten good butt taps to the chair to firm up my legs and butt.

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