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Facebook Group Campaigns for Bald Barbie

Barbie may be getting a radical new look. A Facebook page started by Jane Bingham and Beckie Sypin, moms of children who’ve lost hair because of cancer, alopecia, or trichotillomania, is pushing Mattel to create a bald Barbie as a role model for girls dealing with cancer or suffering hair loss.

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Mom Beckie Sypin, one of the page’s founders, told Today Health, “My daughter is battling leukemia right now and she’s been going through chemotherapy for the last two years.” Sypin and other moms started the Facebook page just before Christmas hoping to get a few thousand likes but supporters are now more than 94,000 strong.

Parents and psychologists agree a bald doll would help children struggling with hair loss feel more normal, and help their peers understand what they’re going through. The page’s founders envision a Barbie with scarves, hats, and wigs for kids to play with—but who’s just as beautiful without anything on her head at all. Mattel has noticed the page, and while they haven’t put a bald Barbie into production, it released the following statement:

“We are honored that Jane Bingham and Beckie Sypin believe that Barbie could be the face of such an important cause. Mattel appreciates and respects the passion that has been built up for the request for a bald Barbie doll. As you might imagine, we receive hundreds of passionate requests for various dolls to be added to our collection. We take all of them seriously and are constantly exploring new and different dolls to be added to our line.”

The statement also reminded parents that Mattel has donated $30 million and countless dolls to children’ hospitals across the country. One Barbie that is in production? A limited edition Kardashian line. Do you want to see cancer survivor added to Barbie’s resume? Would you buy this doll to help your child understand cancer?