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Girls Foiled in Goat-Napping Caper


Today in kids-do-the-darnedest-things news: two sisters, age 5 and 7, in Mankato, Minnesota, kidnapped a baby goat from a local park because they thought she was cute, reports.
They met the Gabby the goat at a weekend birthday party and went home to plan the caper. That same night, dressed in their stealthiest footie pajamas, they put the little goat on their own leash and walked her down a busy road. A concerned citizen called the police about the odd trio.
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When questioned, the “kid”nappers explained the goat had been living in their closet and while mom knew, Daddy had no idea. They asked the police officer to keep it between the three of them—four if you count Gabby. Gabby was safely returned to the zoo.