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Huggies Rolls Out Camo Diaper


The most intrepid babies now have a diaper to keep up with their exploits. After the success of the denim diaper or “jiaper” , Huggies has just released limited-edition camouflage-print diapers at Walmart, USA Today reports. This new addition to the $5 billion diaper industry hopes to boost sales in the wake of a four-year decline in birth rates, thanks to the economy.
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Huggies is trying to one-up the popularity of Pampers’ Cynthia Rowley-designed diapers, but at what cost? These designer diapers will set families back 20% more than the plain variety and each pack tends to hold fewer diapers to begin with. However, if you’re balking at shelling out extra cash for camouflage dipes, know that Huggies promises to donate one diaper to a military family in need for every purchase.

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Want to be ahead of the diaper fashion curve? Advertising psychologist Renee Fraser says the next trend will come straight off the catwalk: leopard. Meow!

Do you buy designer diapers for your baby? Do you think they’re cute or cheesy?