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LOL: STFU, Parents

Parents know there’s no love greater than the love they have for their kids. But as the rest of the world knows, expressions of that love can sometimes be, well, annoying—especially when they entail over-sharing on social networking sites like Facebook. Enter STFU, Parents (tagline: “You used to be fun.? Now you have a baby.”), a blog dedicated to all the ways in which parents love to over-share—and alienate their friends.

Plus: Stuff My Kids Ruined

Readers submit anything they deem STFUP-worthy, usually the best of the worst comments to pop up in their Facebook newsfeeds. The comments are divided into subtopics like “Mama Drama,” “Gross-Out Factor” (including photos of minutes-old c-section scars and a slew of TMI posts about poop and postpartum lady bits), “Sanctimommy” and “MommyJacking” (where, um, anyone’s news—happy or sad, including death announcements!—seems to be occasion to talk about one’s kid).

Plus: Announcing Your Pregnancy on Facebook

Don’t just write off STFU, Parents as a blog for people who just don’t understand parenthood. The blog’s owner doesn’t have children (but wants them someday) and there are plenty of parents in the comments section who are laughing along with everyone. Besides, why would anyone put a photo of their cervix and ectopic pregnancy on Facebook?

Are any parents you know guilty of this kind of over-sharing? Have any of your Facebook posts ever been “mommyjacked?”