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Mom Gives Birth on Transoceanic Flight

Forget the stork—this mom’s little bundle of joy came par avion, literally; Aida Alamillo, 41, gave birth to her son on a flight from Manila, The Philippines to San Francisco on Monday night. She spoke to NBC Bay Area, saying that though she was just eight days from her due date, her doctor and Philippines Airlines health personnel cleared her to fly to the United States to visit her ailing father in Boston.

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Once she realized labor had begun, flight attendants set up Alamillo on a couch in business class and recruited three nurses who happened to be on the flight to help with the delivery. Ultimately, Alamillo ended up with a healthy baby boy in her arms about four hours before landing in San Francisco, and passengers applauded when the baby cried for the first time.

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Alamillo, now a mom of four, acknowledged that this was her most unusual birth—but luckily for her and everyone else on the plane, it was also her easiest: she was holding her baby after just 15 minutes. Paramedics met mom at the gate and Alamillo and little Kevin Raymar Francis Domingo—Francis was added in honor of the flight to San Francisco—are doing well.

What’s the latest in pregnancy that you’ve traveled by plane? Were you terrified that you might go into labor in mid-air?