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'Mommyrexia' on the Rise

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All new moms worry about losing the baby weight. But there’s a growing number of women bent on not gaining the baby weight in the first place; meet the mommyrexics. The New York Post commented on the rising trend of mommyrexia, where women cut calories and hit the gym to make sure they don’t gain too much weigh while pregnant. Some women even go so far as to schedule C-sections during the eighth month, or forgoing breastfeeding to avoid packing on the pounds.

Plus. The No-Sweat Pregnancy Workout

Stars like Bethenny Frankel and Victoria Beckham stayed super-skinny during their pregnancies, and appeared to drop the weight just weeks after their babies were born. Celebrities’ skinny pregnant frames and their extreme post-baby weight-loss schemes put pressure on the rest of us, experts say, and plenty of normal moms are beginning to obsess even more over gaining weight, including weight the baby needs.

What did you do to stay slim during pregnancy or lose the weight after giving birth? Did you worry about gaining too much weight—or even actually try to lose weight—while you were pregnant?