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Spoiled Girl Threatens to Kill Santa Claus


Christmas can bring out the very best in kids, getting them to pick up their toys and go to bed early in anticipation for Santa. But in one little girl, Christmas has brought out the very worst. According to the UK’s Daily Mail, 13-year-old Mekeeda Austin wrote a letter to a North Pole and told Santa that if she didn’t get at least two of the things on her list, she’d “literally kill” him. Yikes.

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The teen’s list was as follows:

  • A Blackberry
  • Money
  • A designer sweater
  • High-top Converse sneakers
  • Austin Mahone or Justin Bieber (the real-life version)
  • Designer sunglasses

“This Christmas, I don’t ask for much,” she writes. But in the event Santa doesn’t agree, she tells him she will “hunt down his reindeers [sic], cook them, and serve their meat to homeless people on Christmas day. Nobody wants that.”

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Mom Tracey Austin found the note in her daughter’s backpack and told the newspaper, “When I first found the letter I thought it was funny. Now I think I better get her what she wants; the last thing I want is for her to kill Santa.” The indulgent stay-at-home mom will try to get her daughter everything on her list, even though she knows Meekeda will probably lose the Blackberry quickly and that the pop stars on her list will most likely be unavailable, what with it being the holidays and all. 

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We’re surprised that a 13-year-old believes Santa will pay her a visit—but even more horrified her mother thinks this behavior is funny. Well, we’re also in the spirit of giving, and would like to give this mother-daughter pair a good talking-to about gift-giving, realistic expectations, and two lumps of coal to sweeten the deal.

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What would you do if you found a note to Santa like this from your kids?