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Teen Dad Leaves Baby in Car While On Date

One California dad has found himself in big trouble after leaving his 5-month-old daughter in the car while—wait for it—going on a date at a local McDonald’s, ABC reports.

Plus: Tragedy in the Backseat: Hot-Car Deaths

A person sitting in the car next to the father’s saw the baby, waited 15 minutes, and called 911. When the child was taken from the car she was “sweating profusely and seemed to be distressed.” The 18-year-old dad faces felony child endangerment charges, and the child has been placed under protective custody.

Plus: Rear-Facing Car Seats May Increase Risk of Hot-Car Deaths

This is a sad reminder that hot-car deaths, which have lately been on the rise, aren’t just a risk factor in the dog days of summer. According to Safe Kids USA, a non-profit dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood injury, within 10 minutes of a car being closed in the daytime, the inside temperature of a vehicle will be almost 20 degrees hotter than the outside temperature, and 34 degrees hotter after just 30 minutes. Combined with the fact that children’s internal temperature can rise 3 to 5 times faster than adults’, even just a short time in a closed car in mild weather can be life-threatening for a child.

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What would you do if you saw a child locked inside a car? What do you think should happen to this dad?