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Toddler Girl Saves Mom’s Life

One Texas toddler has earned the towel-turned-superhero cape she wears around the house. Two-year-old Lia Vega recently became a hero and saved her mother’s life with a phone call. Most surprising? Mom Larissa Taylor told ABC News she’s never taught her daughter how to use a phone.

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Taylor was at her mother-in-law’s house with Lia and her baby sister Lexi. The mom says she remembers going to wash her baby’s bottle—and then waking up on the floor. Seeing her mom in danger, little Lia called grandmother Bobbie Gonzalez on Taylor’s cell phone and said, “My mommy fell down.” Lia then explained that her mommy wouldn’t wake up after Gonzalez asked to speak to her daughter. Gonzalez called 911 and drove to her daughter immediately.

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Taylor, who collapsed due to previously undiagnosed diabetes, was rushed to the hospital just in time. She feels her story should be an important lesson to parents of young kids, especially if they have medical problems.

At what age did your children learn to use a phone? How have you taught them to handle emergencies?