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VIDEO: Justin Bieber and Other Celebrities Help The Berry Children

On July 3, a car crash changed the lives of a family and community forever. Parents Robin and Joshua Berry were killed in the accident, leaving behind three children. Their sons Peter, 9 and Aaron, 8 became paralyzed from the waist down and daughter Willa, age 6, was also severely injured. The children are being treated at a Houston hospital and are in the care of of an aunt and uncle, but they have a long road ahead of them. Experts estimate their medical bills possibly reach into the millions, so family members started the Robin and Joshua Berry Children's Trust to help the kids out. Moved by the family's story, tween sensation Justin Bieber started the Show Your Hearts campaign to help boost the existing Robin and Joshua Berry Children's fund. Celebrities from Britney Spears to Ellen DeGeneres joined Bieber in his Twitter campaign, helping to raise tons of money and worldwide awareness.

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Justin Bieber asked supporters to use the hashtag #showyourhearts and change their profile pictures to the Show Your Hearts campaign logo on July 27. Twitter users as far away as China participated and donated money. Celebrities and other supporters posted photos of themselves making the heart hand symbol Bieber and other young pop stars have made famous. Offline, people have held bake sales and other fundraising events and civic-minded children have pitched in with their allowances.

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Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, took to CNN on Wednesday to discuss the Show Your Hearts campaign. 

To donate to the Peter, Aaron and Willa, go to the Robin and Joshua Berry Children's Trust Facebook page.