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Did You Share Your Baby Name?

When I was pregnant with my first, we naively told the world our baby name choices. The girl name, Chloe, passed muster (thank goodness, since it was the name we ended up using). The boy name…let’s just say certain members of the family, well, hated it and did not hesitate to tell us so. And then they called back later to tell us some more what an awful name it was. I still loved the name choice, but the negative reaction soured my husband. We were grateful to have a girl, because we never did really settle on a boy name that we loved as much.

Ok, since you’re dying to know the terrible name, it was Oliver. Completely cute, right?

This time around, our baby name choice is a close-guarded secret that no one in the entire world can pry out of us, despite repeated attempts. We’ve actually had a really tough time deciding, so in a way outside input would have been nice, but we were just too scared of baby name backlash. (Oliver, by the way, is off the table, having been used by good friends of ours.)

Did you share your baby names before your baby was born, or did you keep it a secret?